Visiting the Dargah

We welcome visitors from all faith groups to come visit us here at the Dargah. Those persons staying on the actual Dargah property need to be members, an easy process, but we have many places to stay within walking distance of the Dargah where you will be very comfortable.

We love to host seminarians from other faith groups to give them a real taste of Sufi life. Contact us if your seminary school might be interested in a visit. Perhaps you could offer an exchange and allow some of our students of the Sufi way to join your life.

Those already affiliated with recognizable tarrykas are automatically eligible for membership.

We are just getting started but the main prayer area and practitioner room will be ready in a couple weeks and then we hope in the next month to have at least one house available for people to stay.

Best thing to do right now is to contact us and see where we are at and then we can guide you as to what is available at that time.

Peace be upon you!

Healing Hearts Sufi Dargah