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Getting Ready for Hijama Treatment

Purchase New Glass Cups - Optimal Days for Cupping / Hijama

A $75.00 advance deposit is required to reserve your spot at any upcoming Hijama / Cupping session and to purchase your brand new glass cups. Purchasing your new cups direct insures you that your cups are new and sterile. You may keep these cups and reuse them for future cupping / hijama sessions. Each order provides 24 medium size glass cups and 15 X-large glass cups and are delivered directly to your address. 

PLEASE make your purchase at least two weeks before your scheduled session to make certain your order arrives in time. Once we have received your order we will send you exact times for upcoming cupping / hijama sessions. Please make certain to verify which day you wish to come for your therapy. 

Optimal Days for Hijama / Cupping are posted to our Facebook Group. Please verify all scheduled days for hijama at this group page. Dates often change by plus or minus one day, so be certain to confirm days before arriving for an appointment. The days are subject to change based on the new lunar calendar moon sighting and tidal information. 

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Preparing for Your Hijama Session

Here are some things to consider when coming for Hijama.

Bring a Friend

If possible bring a friend or family member. Imparting this knowledge to others is very important. It will make your trip more pleasant and will provide you with a spotter during your Hijama session. Approximately one out of every twenty people will faint when hijama is performed. This is fairly normal as blood pressure can drop suddenly and cause people to have cold sweats and sometimes loose consciousness. This happens more frequently with people who have not followed our preliminary directions and amongst those having hijama on their head. When we have several people coming for Hijama we often appoint one person as the spotter for the others, but it is better if you have a friend or family member perform this function. One of the primary reasons we perform hijama in the seated position is to quickly know when someone faints as removing the cups quickly is important.

Wear Suitable Clothing.

Your aura (for men, the space between your naval and knee) should be covered to hide your nakedness at all times possible. We will likely be making baggy pants for men and suitable clothing for women to change into, but until then please try to dress appropriately. Even hen preparing a body for burial do we protect someone's dignity, so lets try to do the same while you are alive.

Where to Stay?

We have a new Dargah now http://www.healingheartssufidargah.com that currently can accommodate men on the Masjid floor (cushions/sleeping bags) and may soon have a place for women to stay as well. Please contact us if interested. There are several reasonably priced hotels in the area. We are not fond of women traveling alone, but in cases where you have no choice, call us for help as we will try to accommodate single ladies. Contact Fatima, as she is the one performing hijama on ladies.

It is best not to push yourself driving the same day you have hijama performed. We highly recommend you come a day early and leave the following day after the hijama session.

Preparing for Hijama

Abstain from all sexual behavior at least 48 hours before and after a hijama session. Try to eat as organic and healthy as possible, staying away from sodas and other poison foods. The morning of the hijama session do not eat or drink anything other than a little water or one cup of non acidic herbal tea. (mint tea is acidic, so be careful what herbal teas you use) Chamomile tea is a good choice, if necessary. Shower the morning of your session making the intention of a full ablution for the dedication of performing this important sunnah. Pray two raka asking Allah for a healing and forgiveness. Make a small donation box or cup and each day place at least one coin morning and evening as a charitable gift, then give it to the needy. Charity heals and protects from illness. Keep your prayers, fast and meditate (remember Allah) often.


Sleeping or resting after a hijama session is highly discouraged as the possibility of blood clotting is the only real danger in having hijama performed. That danger is virtually eliminated if you walk a short 20 to 30 minutes after a session. We have a walking machine if you prefer indoors or you can take a walk down the country road.

Where to Eat?

People who come for hijama are our guests. You may join us for meals while here. Eating out today is very foolish. Fast food is poison, in fact mot restaurant food is poison. Most grocery store food is poison. Many employees do not even wash their hands before preparing your food. Most of the food is GMO industrial grade food, not organic, or natural. Industrial food is full of pesticides and chemicals, many not tested or approved by the FDA. Even those that are approved by the FDA are fraudulent representations supported by corruption and greed. Many of you are suffering from the effects of fluoride in your water, GMO food, chemicals in your environment, multiple deadly vaccines, chemtrails spraying barium and aluminum sulfate all over you and side effects from poison pharmaceuticals. Changing your life is critically important in surviving this intention attack on your life to cull the worlds population down to less than a billion people. Sounds fantastic, but it is very true. Hijama will jump start your system and help you heal, but you must STOP the madness and eat healthy.

Renewed Energy - Physical, Mental, Spiritual

It is not uncommon at all for people to feel an immediate renewed energy after a hijama session, especially when they listen to us and walk thirty minutes after the session. This renewed feeling and the benefits of hijama will be seen over the next forty days after your session. Everyone who has come has by the Grace of Almighty Allah has reported feeling very comfortable and at home in our house, commenting it is like going on a retreat. Ideally when enough people start to realize the benefits of getting away to a location dedicated to Allah, we will have the support and means to establish a real darga where people can come for several days or weeks at a time to re-dedicate themselves to Allah. Until then you are most welcome and we will do our best to make you feel right at home.

Dangers of Innovation in Cupping

When money drives a practitioner health of a patient suffers. Many practitioners set up fancy clinics to attract people to their services. They also charge large sums of money while claiming to be servants of God. Would you charge someone to learn to pray? Can you accept a gift if one is offered for spending hours teaching a child to recite Qur'an? In a similar manner we should not be claiming to be reviving the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and being servant of Allah and then charge for hijama. Turning hijama into a business destroys the healing benefits of hijama and causes many dangerous innovations. Practitioners are using plastic cups and machine pumps to perform hijama. The spiritual and physical benefits of the property of fire are not fully known or understood, but should not be ignored. Whenever possible adherence to the example of Prophet Muhammad's methods of performing Hijama should be followed without question. The possibility of burning the skin and the difficulty in using fire to create the suction causes money driven practitioners to offer clients what they want, not what is best. Creating to much suction by using a pump is just one danger in deviating from the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. The sterile benefits of fire along with benefits still unknown come from obedience to Allah's messenger. The spiritual benefits we will not attempt to even discuss but only ask the question, how does the property of fire effect the benefits hijama may have on removing jinns?  Plenty, I should say.

Hygiene and Glass Cups

Physical and spiritual hygiene are very important while performing hijama treatment.  Do your best to find a practitioner who incorporates a high level of physical hygiene as well as someone spiritually clean. 

Glass Cups - We only use glass cups and no plastic or pump action tools as these methods are very dangerous. All cups are either thrown away or given to the client after each use so we do ask clients to advance purchase the cups. 

Associated Costs -  Walk Ins

We do accept walk ins and have some supplies on hand. We much prefer that you make an appointment and order your cups well in advance of your session so you are certain you have new cups. Persons walking in will be charged the original $75.00 fee for the cups and deposit and an additional $75.00 fee for the actual service, for a total cost of $150.00 dollars per client. 

Medical History and Release

When you arrive for your hijama session you will be asked to complete a simple medical history and release form. We offer hijama as a religious practice and are not medical professionals. The form better outlines our intention and practices. By signing the form you are acknowledging that you are performing hijama as a religious practice and understand that the practitioner operates under the superior ijaaza system and are exempt from any licensing requirements as would any rabbi be exempt in performing a circumcision. Your medical history will be held in strict confidence and only used for internal purposes to track progress of participants. If you would like to have an advance copy of the form to fill out before coming contact us with your request.

Women and Children

We do not perform hijama on children accept in very rare circumstances. We do however help children on many other levels and they are welcome to come for a consult. So many children are suffering from depression now and can be easily cured. Mostly sexually active men over age thirty benefit from hijama and women beyond menopause. If suffering from specific conditions we also accept persons of other ages. You should call for information about your particular condition before coming. Hijama for women is performed by Fatima, the wife of Sheikh Umar Rabbani, aka James McConnell. Call her with any concerns.

What is Religion?

For the most part, religion is GOOD MANNERS. Please do not come to argue your ideas with us. We have a very qualified and divinely authorized teacher and are not in need of unqualified opinions or ideas. While we are happy to explain things you may not yet understand, please do not arrive with the notion that you will teach us or change our thinking towards your own ideas. This is not only arrogant but very rude. If coming for service from a qualified ijaaza practitioner, then you must trust the person you are asking for help. Otherwise, find someone else you do trust, agree with, and then pay them their full respect as well.  So many people are stuck in the thinking that more is better, more cups, harder suction, more frequent treatments. For the most part these are practitioners stealing your money. 

Persons from Other Faith Groups

Person from other faith groups are welcome to come for Hijama treatment. A waiver/release must be signed before treatment begins, which in part states that the client understands that this is a religious practice performed by an ijaaza practitioner. Furthermore, that each client has been advised to consult with their doctor before performing hijama and has been given their approval for the procedure. Nothing the practitioners say should be construed as medical advise as they are only expressing their own preferences and experiences with hijama. 

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