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Hijama (fire cupping)  How to Prepare for Hijama / Cupping

By many accounts James McConnell, Sheikh Umar Rabbani, is the leading western expert in the Hijama (Cupping) therapy field and was the first practitioner to offer services over the Internet to a Western clientele. He is author of Hijama vs.Cupping and has been practicing for over 15 years gaining experience from top Hijama practitioners while living and working in Damascus Syria for more than eight years. More importantly, James McConnell is an authorized Ijaaza practitioner. Ijaaza requires practitioner to be morally vetted by a master to gain authorization. 

Hijama is a highly recommended Prophetic Medicine, Hijama cleans and maintains the cardiovascular system and is one of the best things you can do to maintain overall good health. Sessions are limited to a few days in the last part of the lunar calendar month and offered Spring thru Early Fall. James McConnell and his wife Suzanne are leading Hijama / Cupping experts and offer Hijama services to both Muslims and non-Muslim clients. 

Just some of the many benefits Hijama provides.

  • Cancer prevention through greater system oxygenation. 

  • Sports injuries.

  • Post surgical therapy - improves rate of healing

  • Migraines

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Balances blood pressure

  • Improves heart health

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Removes dead blood cells

  • Improves Energy

  • Increases Fertility

Ijaaza practitioners are vetted and authorized by their masters for high moral character and spiritual acumen. They are dedicated weak servants unto their Lord Almighty and are dedicated to providing affordable services. 

Purchase New Glass Cups - Optimal Days for Cupping / Hijama

A $75.00 advance deposit is required to reserve your spot at any upcoming Hijama / Cupping session and to purchase your brand new glass cups. Purchasing your new cups direct insures you that your cups are new and sterile. You may keep these cups and reuse them for future cupping / hijama sessions. Each order provides 24 medium size glass cups and 15 X-large glass cups and are delivered directly to your address. 

PLEASE make your purchase at least two weeks before your scheduled session to make certain your order arrives in time. Once we have received your order we will send you exact times for upcoming cupping / hijama sessions. Please make certain to verify which day you wish to come for your therapy. 

Optimal Days for Hijama / Cupping are posted to our Facebook Group. Please verify all scheduled days for hijama at this group page. Dates often change by plus or minus one day, so be certain to confirm days before arriving for an appointment. The days are subject to change based on the new lunar calendar moon sighting and tidal information. 

FACEBOOK GROUP:  Hijama vs. Cupping 


Call (860) 303-0442 or email us at HealingHeartsSufiDargah@gmail.com 

Here is a
list of things you should know and REVIEW before coming for Hijama treatment.  list of things you should know and REVIEW before coming for Hijama treatment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Time slots are extremely limited as Hijama / Cupping is only performed in the later phase of the lunar moon cycle on odd days and only between the seasons of Spring and Fall. Anyone performing routine Hijama outside of these optimal days is putting your health at risk. Our bodies respond to moon cycles in the same manner oceanic tides are influenced by the phases of the moon. 

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Hijama vs. Cupping 

For more information on Hijama you can also visit the oldest hijama web site on the Internet at:  




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Sufi Counseling Services - Free with Attendance to the Advanced Meditation Circles

Sufi Counseling is not a talk based counseling therapy it is wholly based on connecting, really reconnecting the client to their true self, their heavenly self. Our reality, who we really are in creation, is not our physical being, that only represents a fraction of who we really are in reality. We are all Divine Beings and until we connect with our true selves "Know Thy Self"  we are deaf, dumb and blind and lost or totally distracted in or by the material world.  Breaking out of the Matrix, if you will is essential to physical, mental and spiritual health.

Counseling Services are free of charge to anyone who attends the weekly thikr, circles of remembrance or meditation gatherings. Without this component counseling would be a complete waste of time as are most talk therapy approaches.

Witness for yourself the amazing transformation in peoples lives who commit to adding a spiritual meditation component to their lives.

The main mediation gathering is held each Thursday night (sunset) at the Healing Hearts Sufi Dargah located at 285 Laurel Hill Ave. Norwich, CT 06360


Aroma Therapy and Natural Perfumer

Fatima Burhan is an expert perfumer and aroma therapist. She operates the websites www.brokenearthnaturals.com and www.BENPerfume.com  Consult these sites for more information or cal 860-373-7330 to make an appointment with Fatima for aroma therapy or to create your own signature perfume. Learn how you can start your own perfume line or create a unique corporate signature branded scent.  These bottles and the fragrances inside are amazing and make a great gift for the someone special. 

Fatima is always available for special consultations. Starting in April 2015 she will start offering monthly seminars and perfume parties. Consult the Facebook page for this event. Limited seating so reserve your space early. 

Join us most anytime at the Healing Hearts Sufi Dargah. Sit down with Fatima, kick back in a comfortable chair, and in a spiritually uplifting environment and experience some of the best fragrances you will ever encounter. It is really fun to create your very own signature scent. Better yet, make a special branded perfume for a wedding, anniversary or corporate event. 

Gift Certificates are available. 

Discover Ittars - Natural Perfumes


Acupuncture, Reike and Other Alternative Health Therapies

In the near future we will offer other healing arts services. Please check back soon to see recent additions to our programs.  We can also recommend you to the best alternative practitioners in the surrounding area.  Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Herbalist, etc. 


Coffee Chat

Break that Internet addiction for at least a couple of hours a week and interact with real people and real conversation. Community is so important, come bond with fellow members of the Norwich community. Free coffee and tea and great conversation on topics of Interest to Spiritual Aspirants.  Come join us each Sunday morning at 2:00 PM and relax with a fresh cup of premium tea or coffee while engaging with fellow seekers of higher consciousness and spiritual understanding in lively talks and associations. We encourage people from all faith groups to attend and participate.